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Habis Special Learning Consultancy 
Services is a training  organisation in all aspects of autism and related neurodevelopmental conditions.

Our Services


We trained parents, caregivers on special ways or method to work with their special needs children either from special centres or mainstream schools.


There is clinical services for children with following challenges; Speech and language, Behavior modification, Functional academics, Motor and cognitive development.

The clinic service is an HOUR therapy in our centre but is limited to space and time available.


We will come on a consultation basis to draw/review the child's plan and do practical/short training for the parent so that they can continue from where we stop. The child's plan is to be reviewed every month.

Our Therapeutic 

services are as follows


For over 8 years Habis Special Learning Consultant has been providing therapy services to children and teenagers in areas of their challenges using evidence based method to get desired results. We collaborate with parents and caregivers to get these results.
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Speech and Language therapy
Behavior modification
Functional academics
Functional life skills

Our Programme

Habis has developed a training programme for professionals to improve working practice with children who display behaviours of concern. The programme is designed to change working practices through practical application of psychological theory and training in specific evidence-supported techniques and processes.

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