Our Services

The therapeutic services are as follows


We trained parents, caregivers on special ways or method to work with their special needs children either from special centres or mainstream schools.


There is clinical services for children with following challenges; Speech and language, Behavior modification, Functional academics, Motor and cognitive development.

The clinic service is an HOUR therapy in our centre but is limited to space and time available.



Improving a child’s ability to meaningfully engage in daily occupations including: social participation, play, education, activities of daily living and addressing sensory processing issues.


Systematic application of interventions to increase socially significant behaviors and reduce barrier behaviors that impede individuals’ ability to learn.


Improving functional communication to actively participate in interactions with parents and caregivers. Speech therapy helps clients to express needs, wants, feelings and emotions as well as understanding and processing language. 

All accomplished with verbal or assistive technology.


Functional academics is merely academics made functional designed to teach skills which allow each student to succeed in real-life situations at home, school, work and in the community.
Functional skills are defined as skills that can be used every day, in different environments. ... All students with disabilities will benefit from functional skill training, to help them in their adult life.

Consulting Services

We will come on a consultation basis to draw/ review the child's plan and do practical/short training for the parent so that they can continue from where we stop. The child's plan is to be review every month.

Once a week therapy ( one hour session). We will work with the child on a weekly basis and put the parent or care give through what they need to do before next therapy session. We are going to have weekly plan/ target.
There will be progress report after 8-10 hours sessions.
Therapy for 2 times a week ( one hour per session) There will be monthly report and we will teach someone what to do so that that, there will be continuity when am not around.

Once a quarter consultation service for people within and outside the Lagos or Nigeria. We provide service for family living outside Lagos or Nigeria.
All these programs are family oriented programs whereby the family will be involved or monitor the progress of their children.

The payment is FIRST WEEK of every month and it is paid directly to the account.


We'd love to work with you.

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